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I'm studying Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) Honors and Mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin. I dabble in full-stack web development, human-centered AI, product management, and humanitarian engineering! In my free time, I play for the UT Club Water Polo team, obsessively follow swimming, and may or may not be addicted to Mediterranean food.






Hello! I'm an undergrad currently studying in Austin, TX.

I love trying my hand in new things, whether it be in ethical AI or web development. Interdisciplinary work is where I thrive and I'm looking to combine my passions for humanitarianism and technology to make an impact on international communities.

I've previously held three internships in full-stack software engineering and ML research. I've made it a point to have breadth in my professional experiences and now I'm hoping to bring all these skills together this summer in an analytics-facing Product Management, Software Engineering, or Data Science role.

Here's a list of technologies I've been working with recently:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • Node.js
  • React
  • .NET Core (C#)


  • Technical Product Management Intern @ AI Global
  •   September 2020 - Present          

  • AI Global is an international think tank dedicated to the design, creation, and regulation of responsible Artificial Intelligence systems. Assigned to the Development Team.
    • Leading development of open-source tools and resources for practitioners to use in creating responsible AI systems

    • Building a portal with the MERN stack that houses resources and an interactive map for displaying incidents of unethical systems across the world

    • Working with PMs to develop product requirements and marketing strategies for outreach and KPIs for measuring effectiveness across different products


Projects with Underserved Communities
Project Manager        

Headed a multi-year humanitarian engineering project for a community in India. I was elected to lead a team of seven undergraduates and coordinate efforts with international stakeholders while managing a budget of $25,000.

Human AI Interactions (HAI) Lab
Undergraduate Researcher

Exploring the development of ethical A.I. frameworks for COVID-19 resource allocation and graduate school admissions. I'm currently creating machine learning models for predicting graduate student success in the iSchool.

Strauss Center for International Security & Law
AI Policy Researcher     

Examining policy development regarding regulation of lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS) in warfare. I'm drafting policy memos and presenting them to lawmakers in Washington, D.C. in the winter.

TAVtech Entrepreneurship Fellowship
Data Science Fellow  

Selected as a Data Science Fellow by NYU to travel to Tel Aviv, Israel to explore machine learning technologies. This culminated in a project I led for disease prevention through social media tracking and NLP techniques.

Texas Product Engineering (TPEO)
Product Manager

Managing team of two engineers and a designer to create a "prehabilition" application with the Dell Medical School. I've been coordinating with stakeholders to create features and implementation while assisting development in React Native.

Humanitarian Engineering Committee
Founding Member

Establishing the Humanitarian Engineering Institute at UT Austin to expand humanitarian engineering efforts on campus. I'm working with faculty members and peers to create phasing plans to make the Institute a reality.

Bad AI & Beyond Festival
Creative Fellow, Panelist  

Spoke as a panelist on media representations of AI and its intersection with the humanities. I created a profile series covering research in the digital humanities covering computational rhetoric, modern surveillance, and framing AI.


I'm currently seeking Data Science/Product Management/SWE opportunties for Summer 2021! Feel free to send me an email at colinphillips@utexas.edu  or DM me on LinkedIn. If you like how this site looks, checkout the code on my Github!

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